Liminal Lease

Liminal Lease

By Bryn Hallett

This sculptural structure is an exploration into the history of industry in Surrey and how the use of the landscape has changed over time. Bryn Hallett has used the geological palette to create a tranquil space of calmness and reflection, a rest stop along the Pilgrims Way and North Downs Way.

Drawing on this varied geology, the monolithic mass of the Watts chapel and the importance of the woodland, the sculpture gives a reminder of the interaction between people, industry and the landscape. It provides a place to take in the beauty of the woodland and offer a unique view of the landscape before slowly melting away back to the earth.

This sculpture can be found in the Wilfrid Blunt Woodland from July 2018 and will last as long as the elements allow. There is parking at the Watts Gallery, Down Lane, Compton, Surrey, GU3 1DQ and number 46 bus travels there from Guildford town centre.

With thanks for additional support from:

Bryn Hallett

Bryn Hallett is an early career architect, designer and maker. He is fascinated by the possibilities of different materials and will test and experiment a single material as part of his process. His interests are in the connection between people, emotion and environment.

Bryn has led a project with the Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales to create a bird hide with locally grown larch and to create designs for an RSPB Hide in Somerset in addition to his various architectural projects.