6-21 April (Meet the Artist 11am - 3pm on Saturday 6 April)


Reigate Fort

Reigate Hill

Fort Lane


Terrain at Reigate Fort

Visit this incredible Fort on Reigate Hill and view the 'Terrain' project by Jane Ponsford

Visit Reigate Hill this Spring to experience an artistic response to this chalk downland within the intriguing 19thcentury Fort.  Artist Jane Ponsford has explored this special place and responded with some exquisite paper art works that incorporate the materials of the surrounding land. This is the final location on her journey across the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Beauty since last June and her installations will include the collections and pieces she has made both independently and with others from traces of the landscape.

Work from the entire ‘Terrain’ project will be viewable in situ through the windows of the Casemates building at the Hill Fort 6 – 21 April. A perfect outing during the Easter holidays.

Reigate Fort