The Travelling Reading Room

The Travelling Reading Room

By Amie Rai

The Travelling Reading Room is based on the design of a book, intended as a shared space that invites us into the book for collective dialogue and exchange. There are no fixed words, just the flow of the human voice interwoven with the sounds of the wind, the trees and non-human creatures going about their daily doings.

Throughout July-October, this pop-up  book, travelled to outdoor sites across the Surrey Hills slowly creating content as it moved to each location – The Devil’s Punchbowl in Hindhead, The Watts Gallery in Compton, Leith Hill Place and Gatton Park Reigate. Together, participants came together to read the landscape through deep listening, connection, touch and story-telling. Themes about the environment, tree root communication, networks, reading by touch and oral tradition worked their way into their exchanges.

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Amie Rai

Amie Rai is a PhD researcher in the Digital Media Arts department at University of Surrey. Her practice-based research considers the changes that occurred with the mass production of the written word in book form that came about with the invention of the printing press as well as the development thereafter to screen-based information. She is particularly interested in exploring the role of oral tradition practices in the digital age.